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True Viking Finance Inc.

Helping you venture beyond the horizon

What I Do and How I Can Help You

I am a Business Finance Guide who can assist you with your search for business financing. I’ll show you the options and help you to understand them.  I’ll introduce you to the best lenders and help you get approved.  I’ll make sure you get the best deal and that will save you time, money, aggravation and disappointment! 

I am not a Broker and I do not “shop you” to a bunch of lenders.  I get to know your business and where you are going then I guide you there.

Every journey into the unknown involves some risk but your chances improve when you bring along someone who has been there before.

This Is Who I Am

I wasn’t born in Norway but my parents were.  I was educated and spent most of my 30+ year career in Canada but also spent a third of it the US.  I know a lot about non-bank, small business financing on both sides of the border and it’s time now for me to share that knowledge and experience with business borrowers.

Stormy Seas ahead for small business, challenging times ahead

These Are The Services I Provide

I work closely with small and mid-sized business owners to help them overcome financial challenges.  Rapid growth, Turnarounds and Restructuring are some of the situations I’m able to assist with.  Every business is unique so each program is customized.  Not only can I help you with your immediate needs but I also offer ongoing support.

The True Viking Story

This Is Viking Finance

Many people know that Vikings were the first Europeans to discover North America but not many know how it happened.  It may be one of the greatest entrepreneurial ventures ever undertaken and there are business lessons to be learned from it. Check out the Legend and how it relates to what I do.

Next Step!

I believe in good communication and the best way to get started is with a conversation.  Let’s discuss what you are looking for and how I can help you.  Every situation is different and I need to learn about yours.  There are a variety of options to consider and I can outline them for you.  If we can figure out a way to work together then I will issue you an Engagement Proposal and you can decide what to do next.  Let’s get started!